Author: Matthew Bollman

Estate Planning Odds ‘n Ends

Estate planning is all about the details. Here are some scenarios – wills, gifting, Medicaid, powers of attorney, etc. – that have come up recently in helping our clients work through their estate planning decisions.

Jointly Held Property vs. WillRead more

How to Avoid Probate

What is probate?

Probate is the court supervised procedure for transferring ownership of an individual’s assets after death.

Why not go through probate?

First of all, it is slow (1 to 3 years). Second of all, it is costly – … Read more

2016 IRS Tax Numbers

The IRS has announced for the year 2016 the estate and lifetime gift exemption will be $5.45 million. This is up slightly from 2015. For married couples the combined number is $10.9 million for portability planning. These numbers are indexed … Read more

Planning for Incapacity

Estate planning usually refers to planning for what happens upon your death. Another part of estate planning is planning for your incapacity.

My client Jennifer is the ex-wife of a physician. He is only 54 but recently had a seizure. … Read more

Travel Home for the Holidays

During this holiday season, nursing home residents may want to leave their care facilities to participate in family or religious activities. However, many are fearful that such absences will negatively impact their Medicare coverage. In a recent article, the Center … Read more